At Co:Work collaboration is key.

Co:Work is led by Architect Heather Bown, who has many years’ experience working on a wide range of projects: from healthcare, to airports to residential projects, large and small.

We believe that constructing a future that includes improved design requires collaboration: we recognize that through all those project types, the experience is rewarding when all members of the team are able to bring their knowledge and excitement to the table.

Design matters. We believe people respond when spaces suit their habits, tasks, and preferences. We also believe that the spaces and places we inhabit can improve outcomes for quality of life, creativity, productivity, health, and happiness.

We tailor our services to recognize that different clients have different needs. It is our goal to draw out of our clients the story that the architecture will support, and we work to suit the uniqueness of each project. Call us to chat. We’d be happy to help.